Why It Must Be An ASCII Image Generator

An ASCII image generator converts a photo into text. In letters and signs that consecutively look like the photo. How I came to this? I will try to explain.

I founded my website Pressehof in December 2007. While in preparation phase, I collected numerous ideas for the expansion of the project. One of them was an ASCII image generator. Because I am a passionate writer and love letters? Because I am a hobby programer and love such nerdy stuff? I don’t know. Maybe a bit of everything.

2008 – PHP script for ASCII images

What I know: I wrote a PHP script to create ASCII images in 2007. It worked quite well and I had my fun with it. However, I never published it. I did not use it in any of my subsequent projects. The above screenshot shows my first ASCII image generator – with a converted photo of me.

However, I remembered my PHP script once a year. When it was time I uploaded my file ascii.php on a webspace. Then I converted any photo I got my hands on into an ASCII picture. I always thought “Someday I’ll make something out of it.” But exactly that never happened.

2016 – ASCII image generator as a WordPress plug-in

I installed ascii.php again in december 2017. I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly realized: now or never! So I started to make a WordPress plugin from the old script in the following weeks.

I will show you how my plugin works in this blog. Some great ASCII images as well. At the moment I am excited that my ASCII art WordPress Plugin works quite well.

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