The Head Of The Virgin In Three Quarter View Facing Right By Leonardo da Vinci As ASCII Image

The original head of the Virgin has little contrast. I could compensate this with the ASCII image generator for professionals. On the one hand, I increased the contrast by 8 percent. On the other hand, I added 2 additional letters (E, n) to the standard selection. In addition I used Inconsolata as font. Its characters are somewhat narrower compared to Courier. Due to these 3 changes I created a beautifully detailed ASCII image of the head of the Virgin.

The image is kept at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (public domain). There you will find detailed information.

What would Leonardo da Vinci say? Or you! How do you like the ASCII image? I am pleased about your comment.

The basic data of the ASCII image

  • Letters: 65475
  • Letters per line: 225
  • Lines: 291
  • Mode: ASCII black and white
  • Font: Inconsolata
  • License: CC-BY-SA

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