The ASCII Art Attack Logo As ASCII Image

I’ve been thinking for a long time what could be a logo for this project. With good reason! As a copywriter and blogger I love letters. I can edit images, write a bit PHP and other stuff. Designing logos is not one of my skills. Still, I like it now. It is within my means. 😉

What the logo shows

This website is all about text in the ASCII character set. It consists of 127 characters. The first is NUL – a control character. In hexadecimal notation 00. The last is DEL, 7F in hex code. So what about a smiley made with it? 00 for the eyes, 7F for the nose. The bent thing underneath is a bracket rotated through 90°. Together they form a grinning face.

The basic data of the ASCII image

  • Letters: 40000
  • Letters per line: 200
  • Lines: 200
  • Mode: ASCII black and white
  • Font: Courier New
  • License: CC-BY-SA

How do you like the logo?

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